Dig This Las Vegas

Drive Bulldozers and Excavators!

Whether you’re 8* or 108 years, you CAN drive REAL earth moving machines at Dig This®!


Big Dig Bulldozer

Push, pull and rip your way to excitement on our huge D5G Bulldozers. After a safety orientation and warm up, you take the controls while your Dig This instructor guides you through a series of three exercises including Building huge mounds, Pushing gigantic tires and finally Teeter-Tottering over a mega mound!

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Big Dig Excavator

Dig, push and lift your way to fun on our massive 315C Excavators. After a safety orientation and warm up, you take the controls while your Dig This instructor guides you through a series of three excercises including building huge mounds, Dig gigantic trenches, stack 2,000 pound tires and play “Bucket Basketball”.

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Mini Excavator Experience

In the luxury of a climate controlled cab, enjoy the thrill of operating this fun sized digger. Participants will dig deep, play excavator basketball and back fill with a blade and bucket.

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Skid Steer Track Loader Experience

In the luxury of a climate controlled cab, enjoy moving tons of dirt, stacking tires over a pole and driving an obstacle course in these easy to operate little diggers! These are a ton of fun to operate!

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The Aggression Session

Unleash your frustrations on a perfectly good car and crush it to your hearts content with our 30,000 lb Caterpillar excavator. You will be given a can of spray paint to write your thoughts on the car then look out….destroy that thought with an orgasmic force like none other! Skip your shrink for an appointment at the Aggression Session!

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Got any friends? Bring them along and save:

Group Digs To Fit With Your Time & Budget!

Whether it’s a bachelor or bachelorette party, family reunion or corporate retreat we welcome you to add our playground to your group’s itinerary. What could be more fun than horsing around with gigantic, earth-moving machines alongside your buddies?

Round Up At Least 5 Mates, Fill Out The Contact Form Below, or Book Now.

You can book for up to 18 people on our book now page. For groups of 20 or more, please fill out the contact form and we will contact you pronto.

Session Buyout:

Buyout A Whole Regularly Scheduled Session!

With each of our regularly scheduled sessions we offer the opportunity to buyout the entire time for just your group. Session buyouts start at 5 or more people and include access to 5-9 pieces of equipment (2 bulldozers, 3 excavators, 2 track-type loaders 2 5.5 ton excavators). How you decide to split up the time amongst your friends is completely up to you. Session buyouts are a great way to enjoy the Dig This experience with all your friends at a discounted rate.

Book The Whole Playground! Fill Out The Form & We’ll Call ASAP.

Team Building:

Custom Designed Team Building Events Just For Your Group!

Using heavy equipment machinery to accomplish team missions is something you simply can’t do anywhere else but Dig This. By combining the fun and thrill of operating these earth-movers with the teamwork required to get the tasks completed, we help teams increase camaraderie and close communication gaps. And your team building experience will be unique to you and your group. We custom design the exercises to fit your exact team building needs, starting with a thorough needs assessment.

Plan Some Play Time With Benefits. Start By Filling Out The Form.

Dig and Destroy

Heavy Equipment & Machine Guns! OH BOY!

‘Big Dig’ & Destroy: $424

The Dig This ‘Dig & Destroy’ package combines the excitement of operating either a bulldozer or an excavator in an adult-sized heavy equipment playground with the exhilaration of firing semi-automatic and fully-automatic weapons. This is the ultimate thrill of a lifetime. At this time, the only way to reserve a ‘Dig & Destroy’ package is to contact us by phone or email. Please call us toll free to check availability: 888-DIG-THIS (888-344-8447). If you prefer to email, please inquire at info@digthis.info or simply use the contact form below.

Group Digs

Contact Info

  •   +702.222.4344 and +888.344.8447
  •   3012 S. Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89102

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Everyone Digs Us:

This is one of those experiences that sounds a little bit “silly,” to “dig in the dirt” with a big excavator. But it’s absolutely fantastic, and is the kind of experience that you’ll never forget. My husband bought it for me as a present, and I had so much fun I was sorry when it ended."

Linda M.

“My husband and I went here on our most recent trip to Vegas. I was a bit apprehensive, as I’m not exactly a heavy machinery girl. But this place was great! We had such a fun time, and if we go to Vegas again we’re going back! My husband worked the excavator and I took the bulldozer. Learning to operate the machine, moving dirt around, pushing boulders and tires – so much fun! You get a really good amount of time with the machines, and they have you doing enough interesting stuff to keep it fun."

Ali P.

"My husband surprised me with this for my birthday this year. He told me “I don’t want to get you things, I want to get you experiences.” This was a great present! It was very empowering to have a 20-ton vehicle answering my every nudge of the joystick.”

Laura M.

"Equipment was in perfect condition and very easy to use; i was able to use the equipment within an minute of instruction! I had an awesome time and would definitely do this again. I could dig all day long, this was a great time and the staff was very helpful. I only did the mini dig and would definitely recommend the full dig experience!"

Mark C.



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