What is Dig This?

Dig This is America’s first heavy equipment playground where you get to take control of our Bulldozers and Excavators and play. We have 3 – 15 ton 315 Excavators and 2 – 10 ton D5G Bulldozers on site. Book Now

What is a Big Dig?

The Big Dig is a 90 minute experience that lets you operate your choice of the Excavator or Bulldozer. The 90 minutes includes a brief safety class and the rest of the time is spent behind the controls of the machine! You will be connected via headset with your instructor during the time of operation. The instructors will guide you through the Dig.  Big Digs are $249.  Book Now

What is the Mega Dig?

Can’t choose whether to operate the Excavator or Bulldozer? How about both? The Mega Dig is a 3 ½ hour experience that allows you to operate BOTH the excavator and the Bulldozer. Mega Digs are $449. Book Now

Is Your Equipment Air Conditioned?

Absolutely! All of our machines are fully climate controlled so no matter what the Vegas weather is doing, you’ll stay comfortably cool in the summer and warm in the colder months.

What are your cancellation and refund policies?

Full payment is due at the time of booking for all Dig This reservations.

Dig This strictly enforces a 24 hour cancellation policy. Your reservation is refundable up to 50% if you cancel 24 hours in advance of your reservation. Cancellations within 24 hours of your reservation are non refundable.

In the event of a cancellation of your reservation by Dig This due to weather, equipment problems, or any other unforeseen circumstances, your reservation will be refunded in full or you will be offered a credit toward a future reservation.

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What is the Dig and Destroy Package?

Dig This has partnered with the awesome Guns and Ammo Garage to bring you an exciting package that everyone loves!  The destroy portion of the package includes 25 rounds in an AK-47 or M4, 25 rounds in the MP5, 25 rounds in the UZI, and 10 rounds in a glock 9mm or 5 rounds in a Remington 870 shotgun. The Guns and Ammo Garage is located approx. 3 miles from Dig This. When package is purchases, you will receive a voucher good for the garage that can be redeemed anytime within 6 months of purchase date. Book Now

Where is Dig This Located? How do I get to Dig This?

Dig This is located at 3012 S Rancho Dr. Las Vegas NV 89102. We are a quick 5-12 minute taxi ride from any Strip Hotel. Book Now

What is the age limit to operate the machines?

Ages 8+ on the Mini Excavators and the Skid Steer Track Loaders.
Ages 14+ for the Big Dig Excavator and Big Dig Bulldozer.
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Do I need a driver’s license?

Nope, no driving experience needed. Book Now

Can I have someone ride along in the cab with me?

No. For safety reasons, all machines are for one person. There is only one seat! Book Now

Can we split the time of the Big Dig?

No. Only one person per Big Dig.  We have really cool tasks for you to perform and once you’re on the machine you won’t want to share anymore! Book Now

I have a coupon or discount code, how do I book?

You can book online using your discount code, or over the phone by calling (888) 344-8447.

What do I wear? Will I get dirty?

Closed toed shoes are the only clothing requirement we have. Feel free to wear whatever is comfortable. You might get a little dust on your shoes…but unless you want to lie down and roll in the dirt, you’ll leave squeaky clean. Book Now

What’s with the breathalyzer?

Well, this is Vegas after all. Safety is our number one priority and concern. So save the celebration for after Dig This! Book Now

Can I have my family and friends come and watch?

Yes! Of course! Bring your sisters, cousins, uncles and best friend if you’d like! The more the merrier! Plus, you need someone to vouch for you that you actually operated heavy equipment while in Las Vegas! Book Now

What if I don’t speak or understand English?

All instruction is in English however, we are more than happy to accommodate you with an interpreter. Feel free to email or call us to make arrangements. Book Now

Is this construction training?

No, this is just plain FUN! Book Now